Saturday, November 6, 2010

kembali mengganas~

assalamualaikum!~ waa.. da lama tak active blogging.... sebenarnya tak syok nak taip kalau tak de gambar.. sekarang pulak malas nak bawak camera p merata..

mungkin boleh start balik kot..

so, today i wanna talk about being a teacher with a very sporting boss *headmaster*.. and.. with lots of notty.. stinky.. brainy.. funny.. etc.. students!! they're all my clients!! well its not to easy or to hard to b a teacher... *patients* thats the key when we're infront of them.. sometime we'll b gud, nice, kind.. sometime we'll b such a monster... hahaha... lots of paper work also.. dont think that teacher do less work because they can go home early... its really tired when u have to stand infront of 30-40 different kind of character in 4 hours or more... (must ready phisical and mental) after that u must complete your task given by the boss.. these are the part of things that teachers do...


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