Wednesday, December 22, 2010

|2010| which will leave me~

wow!! 2010 will over. 2011 will appear shortly. I have gone through a lot this year.. happy, sad, excited, depressed, confused, hurried, everything will stay a memory. however, i enjoyed a very significant year with my husband and loved ones.

well, what happened in 2010? This is what i enjoyed and passed...

1. I've got a new car. Gold-colored body with leather seating package. it's special issue for ASEAN. Therefore, the plates number differ from others. *rasa diperhatikan selalu*

2. Moved into a new ho
use on my name. Before that, i had to stay at home mother in law nearly a month. Situations is less comfortable when all things were completed by the MIL such as, washing all my clothes, prepare food, *i go home just to eat it, slug..* but thanks to them.. well, before we moved, all furniture provided: wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and of course the new curtains. erm.. not forgetting the fan donors; bro & sis in law, thank you very much. They gave us two adorable fan, mom in law who gave a thousand dollars is still not used to buy a new dining table. thanks! Ohhh.. home sweet home...~

3. Felt a lil sad cause Hussaini confirmed having
CONGINITAL MUSCULAR TORTICOLLIS. We are forced to commute to the hospital to treat him. He had to undergo treatment with a specialist child and physiotherapy. Poor him. But he has now quite good although sometimes the head is still so.

senget tak?

4. At work.. just ok! Laughter throughout the year. there is drama here and there. There is cooking with my colleagues. we gather and bring our own food from home *potluck* and eat together. gossip about the boss, friend, artist and other issues. very fun. *happiness is emmitted when approaching the end of the year.

5. My Birthday!! falls exactly at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year. i got a very special gift from my beloved husband.. a sapphire stone pendant. Ohhhh.. so romantic! *hubby kalungkan rantai dengan loket tu lepas kitorang bersalaman mintak ampun..* loket ditempah khas untuk aku
6. I also share the joy with family law about my nephews and niece who had excelled in their exams. Fatin have a place to study law at college, Farhan got 8A in PMR, Lutfi and Mirza got 5A in UPSR. BRILLIANT!! oh... my daughter *dayanna mareni* has also received first place during the first term exams and plunged down into fourth place on PKSR 2. results to be proud of at the beginning of school, yeah...

|MINNIE amik hadiah|

7. The last, i got A in the PTK exam. I would be increased wages. i was very lucky because after this there is no more PTK exam. i'm very grateful... so, because i was successful, my husband has rewarded a new handbag for me. Thanks, dear!!

actually, a lot more i want to tell, but enough for this. there's grief and there're encouraging us one family. It was only natural that life should be an example and make changes for the future.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


tak kenal maka tak cinta.. that's the perfect words...

Many of the Malays, especially in areas outside the Penang (which many mamak) do not know their culture and tradition. this is based on the experience i went through.

i dont know apparently mamak always underestimated by the Malay until i'm married to my beloved husband. Everything related to the way mamak talking, food and their appearance, they try to degrade them.

*teringat lagi boss aku perli cara aku cakap.. biasalah.. hidup kat penang terutama dalam keluarga mamak yang betui punya asal dari penang!! memangla loghat dia lain skit..).

if you talk about food, the days must have a curry or dhal soup *not like the soup but also more to curry* bab makan, i'll post another story. ok!?

These people look different as well as their descendants from India. There are white and there are dark skinned. * yeah, my hubby a lil bit dark* Just imagine, if u see a dark-skinned Salman Khan? sweet what?!! their nose, no need to say, beat the high tower.. ngee!! has organized and clean teeth.. eyelashes.. fuhhh melentik!! *aku tergoda* what else? *cerita macam semuanya nampak perfect, huh* so, anak aku jadik mangsa la.. kena kutuk abis.. maklum la.. anak perempuan yang sulung, gelap ikut bapak dia.. apa lagi.. sana-sini dok perli kat aku.. eeeee...

They dress like other people, but there is also a typical indian Mami who was wearing a sari in Malaysia. (bab lain, i cerita pasal dress at weddings) first time introduced by a relative, i was surprised as well when there seems to wear sari. I think they are not Muslim. *funny right?* but do not get me wrong... my husband family is really Malaysian.

This is what i was trying to fix. do not degrade others before we get to know them better.

* da penat menaip... to be continued...*

Monday, December 20, 2010


History began when i fell in love with a man.. (hindustan hero look, but akind of dark lil bit). We met in a boat while on the way back from Langkawi Island. Actually, i really dont know that he is an Indian Muslim descent.

indeed, after our meeting, then i know the existence of MAMAK. *sorry for that my daer*. so, during our meeting, i was introduced to the family of my lover.

they're all very nice and friendly. My family isso diffrerent with the lack of interaction and mingle with each other. all people do their own thing. Just because i'm a daughter in the family, i became shy and quiet. that is what has been said by the family in law"quiet.. sound slow... is not heard..." "hey!! malulah.." *i can only grumble in my heart*

from there, i continue to be friends and loving. My mother does not agree with our relationship on the specific reasons which i dont know. * that's the problem, do not like to talk openly..*

Love is blind... how would be opposed to the destiny of God.. I finally married the man of my heart choice.. and began my life in a family descended from mamak.. *veru nice*

Monday, November 8, 2010

dinotrek 2


kitorang satu family menimba ilmu kat pameran dinosour kat jusco... interesting untuk kanak-kanak macam dayanna.. tengok la rentetan aktiviti kami kat sana.. yang paling gumbira sekali Hussaini la...
contoh cemana diorang gerakkan dino..

comel betul...

gambar aku memang susah nak ada.. asik aku je capture gambar orang..

time ni kira hussaini belum mula aktif lagi... baru dok tengok-tengok.. cuba tengok masa dia diberi kebebasan~

tak takut pon....
memang itu kenyataan.. dia memang tak takot.. siap gelak.. sronok lagi.. tak faham menda lagi tu.. walaupon macam2 bunyi yang kuar tapi di acool je melayan keriangan dia tu.. hmmm... memang best la hari tu..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

kembali mengganas~

assalamualaikum!~ waa.. da lama tak active blogging.... sebenarnya tak syok nak taip kalau tak de gambar.. sekarang pulak malas nak bawak camera p merata..

mungkin boleh start balik kot..

so, today i wanna talk about being a teacher with a very sporting boss *headmaster*.. and.. with lots of notty.. stinky.. brainy.. funny.. etc.. students!! they're all my clients!! well its not to easy or to hard to b a teacher... *patients* thats the key when we're infront of them.. sometime we'll b gud, nice, kind.. sometime we'll b such a monster... hahaha... lots of paper work also.. dont think that teacher do less work because they can go home early... its really tired when u have to stand infront of 30-40 different kind of character in 4 hours or more... (must ready phisical and mental) after that u must complete your task given by the boss.. these are the part of things that teachers do...


Saturday, January 16, 2010


hmm.. bab convo sebenarnyer da lepas dah.. last year on 14th nov. Aku jer yg lambat post blog... saja nak citer pasal hari convo aku tu.. aku da well plan on that day.. apa nak pakai.. baju? kasut? tudung? makeup? all in 1... my big day what..? once in my lifetime..

at last aku naik gak pentas tu.. dan dapat gak scroll yg sememangnya dinanti-nanti sekian lama.. sebenarnya, group kitorang kira untung sebab bleh convo cepat.. apa yg aku tau, ada yg terpaksa tunggu for 1 year.. so, rugi lah kan!!

aku bersyukur sangat segala yang dirancangkan menjadi kenyataan... alhamdulillah~