Friday, January 28, 2011


When a different lineage, such as my hubby and i, will certainly feel strange with the languages they speak. They speak TAMIL!! weird right?? indeed at first i felt very strange.. why do they speak tamil? and sometimes they are funny with the speech that i feel like going to twisted their tongue. hehehe... do Malays speak tamil? i have never heard it before.. but in time... i felt the language they speak is very unique. i'm impressed.. not easy to speak tamil!! i have tired... extremely difficult languages.. urghh... that too, because sometimes i'm jealous to see my FamIL talking, laughing, gossiping, etc.., but i? i do not understand what they were saying even a word. i could only smile. :) but now you can try me... hehehe Behind it, i was disappointed with the attitude of the Malays in particular handful. They like to insinuate the mamak with the way they talk. i'm married to the mamak was also affected by the satire. but i'm proud that i've mixed marriage and i understand many words that they uttered. We should feel proud when we master many languages. For example, my FIL can speak 4 languages including Chinese. So, my children are very lucky because they have the opportunity to learn other languages.. these are the words that i want to share:

1. minne = fish
2. nande = crab
3. kanna = eye
4. maddia = stupid
5. addi = beat
6. nalla rekke = sangat cantik
7. sappede = eat
8. kuddi = minum
9. ni yare? = siapa awak?
10. yare kupdinggey? = siapa panggil?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


come try this recipe.. this is the first cooking dishes that i learned and i get from my MIL. is easy to prepare. if you have no other side of gravy.. this is the best alternative.


2 bj bawang besar
6 ulas bawang putih
2 bj cabai muda (nak pedas boleh tambah)
2tangkai daun kari
kisar asing2 bahan di atas.

sedikit biji sawi
1 gelas air asam jawa
3 sk rempah rassam.. (boleh beli kat supermarket)
garam cukup rasa
2 biji tomato potong 4.

1. tumis bahan kisar dan biji sawi hingga naik bau.
2. masukkan tomato
3. masukkan air asam jawa. tunggu mendidih.
4. masukkan air 4 gelas kemudian tambah rempah rassam
5. tunggu mendidih. rasakan dengan garam.
6. boleh la tutup api dapur tu..
7 siap dihidang!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

udang kicap

The past, I don't know cooking. When i tried to cook, the dishes aren't tasty. So, i decided not to cook anymore until i move to my new home. i have refurbished my kitchen, and my husband keeps asking me to cook. Moreover, we can also reduce the cost of eating out. so, i started cooking. WOW! is apparently not very difficult to cook. start with the recipe from my MIL and i am looking for recipes on the internet to try... is a delicious dish! i was always praised by my husband. Now, everyday i'll cook for my family, but haven't dared to try cooking for others. this is the recipe i want to share, since many of the comments on facebook have never tried this recipe...


udang (semestinya..)
*bawang merah (rumah aku tak guna bawang kecik.. so aku pakai je bawang besar.. tak pe)
*bawang putih


*serai (setengah batang jer)

2-3 sudu besar cili kisar

1 keping asam gelugor

sos tiram

sos cili
kicap pekat (aku tak de kicap pekat.. aku tukar kicap manis cap kipas udang)
gula n garam

kisarkan bahan yang bertanda *

1. tumis bahan kisar hingga naik bau
2. + udang dan sikit air

3. + sos tiram, sos cili, kicap dan asam

4. + gula n garam secukup rasa

5. masuk bawang besar n cili jika suka..

6. masak sampai pekat.

semua sukatan bahan masukkanla ikut suka korang... agak2 sedap la ek..

selamat mencuba!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


semalam.. aku n family pegi shopping.. nak beli sekali hadiah untuk anak buah aku DEENA. Birthday dia jatuh pada hari tahun baru 1 januari. time aku belikan hadiah tu, MINNIE; anak perempuan aku ni pon nak jugak hadiah. aku pon cakap kat dia.. "minnie, esok birthday kakak.. mama beli la hadiah kat kakak dulu, nanti birthday minnie mama beli yang lagi cantik.. ok!" *itu kira ayat pujuk la tu* "mama tu asyik beli kat kakak ja.. minnie mintak, mama tak beli pon?" " mama bukan tak mau beli, minnie nak hadiah lain.. dapat jugak hadiah!" pastu dia dah merajuk.. lepas tu, kitorang pegi makan sesama. minnie tak nak makan langsung.. minum pon dia tak mau. |minnie teringin nak dapat hadiah banyak|

tetiba minnie cakap kat kami, " minnie nak birthday januari.. tak mau birthday september!!" " ek? mana boleh ubah hari birthday.. " " tak kira.. minnie nak jugak!" ok la.. kalau cam tu, mama pon kena januari jugak la.." " mama tak boleh! minnie nak buang september!!" "haih! mana boleh.. sian kat mama, tak dak birthday la kalau buang september.." aku dengan suami aku gelak besar la malam tu...

aku pon tak tau nak cakap apa kat dia.. tak makan pujuk. kalau dia nak.. dia merengek sampai dapat. tak hari ni esok. tak esok.. lusa! ntah la.. pasal birthday ni pon, dia jeles kat kak sepupu dia tu.. time birthday dapat banyak hadiah.. maklum sajalah.. sepupu dia tu banyak sedara.. kalau dia buat birthday party, ramai yang datang.. so, banyak la hadiah dia dapat. minnie ni pulak selalu birthday time bulan ramadhan.. mana la nak wat birthday party.. sian kat dia!!
siap nak tukar bulan birthday lagi!!
tak pe minnie nanti mama belikan hadiah handbeg sasha yang cantik tu!!