Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal wedding#

wow!! meriahnya hari perkahwinan diRaja Putera william pada 29 april 2011..

boleh kata macam the princess and the frog.. boleh ker? sebab.. putera raja berkahwin dengan orang kebanyakan.. rasanya, bukan senang orang biasa nak menjalani kehidupan diraja yang terkemuka di dunia.. kalaulah anda mendapat peluang itu? dapat kawen anak raja?!! hahaha.. sekurang-kurangnya, adik perempuan anda juga terkena tempiasnya.. macam pipper.. adik princess kate..

apa pun, pilihan prince will memang cantik.. bentuk badan menarik, muka pun cute jer.. sesuai sangat la..

p/s: suka tengok wedding dress dia yg cantik tu.. di samping dok usha2 juga fesyen2 diraja.. kot2 la boleh design semula buat bergaya.. hehehe

Friday, April 15, 2011

#mtb madness#

This is the story of the cycling addict, began when he was just jokes to buy MTB that are hot now. Woops!! his friend had bought the bike!! he also want to buy it. he asked for my opinion. i said " Do u seriously want to pedal?" He persuaded me until i give him permission. then he bought this bike~

he hasn't had the opportunity to pedal, his friend requested to buy it. incidentally, he went to Padang Besar and found bikes sold there are much cheaper than here. he bought another bike...

again... there is a neighbor who admire after seeing this new bikes. This bike also was sold!
hish!! gila kayuh ke gila biznes? And this is the last.. hopefully!!

*tak sampai 1 bulan... da beli 3 beskal n jual 2 beskal!*
He is my lovely hubby..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

gain weight can b as hard as lose weight

i've been naturally skinny for as long as i can remember.
very sad when there are people who laugh at me and taunting about my body shape.
First, i was very offended by those byword, especially family members.
i hate being skinny!!
sometime i just wanna cry when i heard "look, she's so skinny..!" or "why u look so skinny?"
it make my confident level go way down. how dare!! OMG!!
apart from that, i dont fit into a lot of clothes. a lot of things just dont look right on me. it's no fun!! everything is limited. even XS size also didnt properly fit on me! urghh! i think all this factors are slowly turning me into the kind of beauty obsessed mirror. it kinda make me wanda how "lucky" if i can be like aishwarya rai *ngee* not to skinny and not to plumpy.. just nice.. *dreaming!!*

can i get that figure? uhhh... i did lots of research about how to gain weight... and many of it tell this:
1- eat : more calorie 6 time a day.. dont skip meals..
2- water : drinks lots of milk..
3- weight lifting : to build muscle
4- supplement : to increase calorie n restore energy

"supplement"... i've tried many times but did not succeed. very sad.. i tried many products and spent a lot of money but still does not work.

how!!!??? help me!!!