Friday, April 15, 2011

#mtb madness#

This is the story of the cycling addict, began when he was just jokes to buy MTB that are hot now. Woops!! his friend had bought the bike!! he also want to buy it. he asked for my opinion. i said " Do u seriously want to pedal?" He persuaded me until i give him permission. then he bought this bike~

he hasn't had the opportunity to pedal, his friend requested to buy it. incidentally, he went to Padang Besar and found bikes sold there are much cheaper than here. he bought another bike...

again... there is a neighbor who admire after seeing this new bikes. This bike also was sold!
hish!! gila kayuh ke gila biznes? And this is the last.. hopefully!!

*tak sampai 1 bulan... da beli 3 beskal n jual 2 beskal!*
He is my lovely hubby..


  1. haha-- aku sudgest kan dia buat bisness!!-- :) pasni nak kayuh sebulan pun tak kisah dah-- poket dah penuh :P

  2. hahaha.. tu la pasal.. poket penuh hapa nya.. beli beskal baru lagi mahal.. abis modal..!!

  3. oh no... he get a new bike again~ the last was sold! hmm.. what a crazy bout mtb!!?