Monday, December 20, 2010


History began when i fell in love with a man.. (hindustan hero look, but akind of dark lil bit). We met in a boat while on the way back from Langkawi Island. Actually, i really dont know that he is an Indian Muslim descent.

indeed, after our meeting, then i know the existence of MAMAK. *sorry for that my daer*. so, during our meeting, i was introduced to the family of my lover.

they're all very nice and friendly. My family isso diffrerent with the lack of interaction and mingle with each other. all people do their own thing. Just because i'm a daughter in the family, i became shy and quiet. that is what has been said by the family in law"quiet.. sound slow... is not heard..." "hey!! malulah.." *i can only grumble in my heart*

from there, i continue to be friends and loving. My mother does not agree with our relationship on the specific reasons which i dont know. * that's the problem, do not like to talk openly..*

Love is blind... how would be opposed to the destiny of God.. I finally married the man of my heart choice.. and began my life in a family descended from mamak.. *veru nice*

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