Wednesday, December 22, 2010

|2010| which will leave me~

wow!! 2010 will over. 2011 will appear shortly. I have gone through a lot this year.. happy, sad, excited, depressed, confused, hurried, everything will stay a memory. however, i enjoyed a very significant year with my husband and loved ones.

well, what happened in 2010? This is what i enjoyed and passed...

1. I've got a new car. Gold-colored body with leather seating package. it's special issue for ASEAN. Therefore, the plates number differ from others. *rasa diperhatikan selalu*

2. Moved into a new ho
use on my name. Before that, i had to stay at home mother in law nearly a month. Situations is less comfortable when all things were completed by the MIL such as, washing all my clothes, prepare food, *i go home just to eat it, slug..* but thanks to them.. well, before we moved, all furniture provided: wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and of course the new curtains. erm.. not forgetting the fan donors; bro & sis in law, thank you very much. They gave us two adorable fan, mom in law who gave a thousand dollars is still not used to buy a new dining table. thanks! Ohhh.. home sweet home...~

3. Felt a lil sad cause Hussaini confirmed having
CONGINITAL MUSCULAR TORTICOLLIS. We are forced to commute to the hospital to treat him. He had to undergo treatment with a specialist child and physiotherapy. Poor him. But he has now quite good although sometimes the head is still so.

senget tak?

4. At work.. just ok! Laughter throughout the year. there is drama here and there. There is cooking with my colleagues. we gather and bring our own food from home *potluck* and eat together. gossip about the boss, friend, artist and other issues. very fun. *happiness is emmitted when approaching the end of the year.

5. My Birthday!! falls exactly at the Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year. i got a very special gift from my beloved husband.. a sapphire stone pendant. Ohhhh.. so romantic! *hubby kalungkan rantai dengan loket tu lepas kitorang bersalaman mintak ampun..* loket ditempah khas untuk aku
6. I also share the joy with family law about my nephews and niece who had excelled in their exams. Fatin have a place to study law at college, Farhan got 8A in PMR, Lutfi and Mirza got 5A in UPSR. BRILLIANT!! oh... my daughter *dayanna mareni* has also received first place during the first term exams and plunged down into fourth place on PKSR 2. results to be proud of at the beginning of school, yeah...

|MINNIE amik hadiah|

7. The last, i got A in the PTK exam. I would be increased wages. i was very lucky because after this there is no more PTK exam. i'm very grateful... so, because i was successful, my husband has rewarded a new handbag for me. Thanks, dear!!

actually, a lot more i want to tell, but enough for this. there's grief and there're encouraging us one family. It was only natural that life should be an example and make changes for the future.

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