Tuesday, December 21, 2010


tak kenal maka tak cinta.. that's the perfect words...

Many of the Malays, especially in areas outside the Penang (which many mamak) do not know their culture and tradition. this is based on the experience i went through.

i dont know apparently mamak always underestimated by the Malay until i'm married to my beloved husband. Everything related to the way mamak talking, food and their appearance, they try to degrade them.

*teringat lagi boss aku perli cara aku cakap.. biasalah.. hidup kat penang terutama dalam keluarga mamak yang betui punya asal dari penang!! memangla loghat dia lain skit..).

if you talk about food, the days must have a curry or dhal soup *not like the soup but also more to curry* bab makan, i'll post another story. ok!?

These people look different as well as their descendants from India. There are white and there are dark skinned. * yeah, my hubby a lil bit dark* Just imagine, if u see a dark-skinned Salman Khan? sweet what?!! their nose, no need to say, beat the high tower.. ngee!! has organized and clean teeth.. eyelashes.. fuhhh melentik!! *aku tergoda* what else? *cerita macam semuanya nampak perfect, huh* so, anak aku jadik mangsa la.. kena kutuk abis.. maklum la.. anak perempuan yang sulung, gelap ikut bapak dia.. apa lagi.. sana-sini dok perli kat aku.. eeeee...

They dress like other people, but there is also a typical indian Mami who was wearing a sari in Malaysia. (bab lain, i cerita pasal dress at weddings) first time introduced by a relative, i was surprised as well when there seems to wear sari. I think they are not Muslim. *funny right?* but do not get me wrong... my husband family is really Malaysian.

This is what i was trying to fix. do not degrade others before we get to know them better.

* da penat menaip... to be continued...*

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