Saturday, December 3, 2011

child care centre...

it's a place for hussaini to stay one whole day next year. i think it's great if he start in the TASKA that dayanna's stay before.. TASKA GRADUAN KECIL... they separated every children according to their ages. so, Hussaini will mingle with children of his age. i don't really afraid if i lift him there.. he is mingling with anyone without shame or fear... yes! that's Hussaini...

i dont know much about others TASKA, KINDERGARTEN, or else... i prefer GRADUAN KECIL coz i knew them for about 4 years.. should i go and review other ChILD CARE CENTREs?
there are no child care centers here in my place.. or even at my work place.. in between, yes.. a lots!! if i send him to Chinese kindergarten.. i'm worried about the foods.. but they are really gud.. i want to send him to smart reader also.. but they finished at 12 pm.. how can i fetch him while i was working?..

next week is his starting school day.. hope he will enjoy his first ever learning in school.. and i hope, i choose an appropriate TASKA for him.. great!!

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