Friday, January 28, 2011


When a different lineage, such as my hubby and i, will certainly feel strange with the languages they speak. They speak TAMIL!! weird right?? indeed at first i felt very strange.. why do they speak tamil? and sometimes they are funny with the speech that i feel like going to twisted their tongue. hehehe... do Malays speak tamil? i have never heard it before.. but in time... i felt the language they speak is very unique. i'm impressed.. not easy to speak tamil!! i have tired... extremely difficult languages.. urghh... that too, because sometimes i'm jealous to see my FamIL talking, laughing, gossiping, etc.., but i? i do not understand what they were saying even a word. i could only smile. :) but now you can try me... hehehe Behind it, i was disappointed with the attitude of the Malays in particular handful. They like to insinuate the mamak with the way they talk. i'm married to the mamak was also affected by the satire. but i'm proud that i've mixed marriage and i understand many words that they uttered. We should feel proud when we master many languages. For example, my FIL can speak 4 languages including Chinese. So, my children are very lucky because they have the opportunity to learn other languages.. these are the words that i want to share:

1. minne = fish
2. nande = crab
3. kanna = eye
4. maddia = stupid
5. addi = beat
6. nalla rekke = sangat cantik
7. sappede = eat
8. kuddi = minum
9. ni yare? = siapa awak?
10. yare kupdinggey? = siapa panggil?

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