Thursday, March 31, 2011

# romantic dinner on 9th wedding anny #

i was so excited waiting for this day.. that is my wed anny of the ninth. i've arrange something special n romantic for both of us. i gave a card for him. * usually i always do so on our special day*
we make a date to have dinner together at JEMPUTREE. i found this place through the internet. *the most romantic place to dine*

i left my children at mami's house. tonight is for both of us.. ONLY. i already booked a place to enjoy food in a romantic atmosphere. there, we need to sit kneling, ala kampung.. surrounded by lush trees and neon lights. there are fish pond and we're treated to the sound of an artificial waterfall. so cool.. sweet romantic..

tom yam.. omelette.. mixed vege.. 100 plus and lassi mango ..that is our menu.. nice!! *

hmm.. nampaknya tahun ni tak de apa-apa hadiah. kami cuma meluangkan masa bersama di jemputree. aku cuma beri sekeping kad sebagai tanda ingatan. selamat ulang tahun perkahwinan ke-9!!

kad: cute sangat..


  1. 9 years?! wow! kongratulation!jemputree nampak best! kat mana tuh?

  2. heh!! still together.. happier ever after.. wah.. cam citer dongeng lak.. hahaha..
    jemputree tu kat jalan burmah.. near herritage hotel.. dalam town.. island! u should try surf this web