Thursday, March 17, 2011

wang kelian vs padang besar # part 2

This is the continuation of the post yesterday.

At PB, I'm taking steps to visit all the shops in front of my eyes. I started by buying brooches ordered and certainly for me as well. Then, buy some other items that had been ordered by my colleagues. Wow!! all sorts that i had bought. But where is my belongings?
Hussaini is starting to fuss while i just want to buy my clothes. My hubby was tired of his 'riot' but i still linger in many shops to have all that i want. Finally, i just managed to have a blouse ONLY!

I was not aware that the clock is shown at 7 pm. We left to go to Rumah Tok. Tok cooked for us. plan to dine at KOK apa citer? well... we decided to cancel to stop at KOK although i've told them about our arrival. *Sorry*

On the way home, i looked the goods i've bought. Not much.. but the money i've spent almost RM 300 though! *next time must bring more money*

thats the story of a day in the north!

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