Tuesday, March 22, 2011


i was very angry when Dayanna cheat this evening, not on me but on her grandma. How many time we tried to question whether what is said is true or scam. it make us confused!!
she didn't confess until her grandma persuaded and finally admitted. at that time, i was burst out! like a meteor into the sphere of a planet! i'm not concerned about my MIL anymore. i just wanna clog the chillies into Dayanna's mouth. My mouth is not incessantly nag.

i started questioning myself...
what i'm less educated her? or from whom she learned to lie? why she was always cheating? arghh..
It make me feel really tired and impatient.

Apparently, there are several reasons why they're lying:
1) Fear
2) To protect somebody else
3) because she is imaginative and the truth is boring.
4) To avoid an unpleasant task.
5) by mistake.
6) For love, or approval

The third and the fourth features are due to her. There is an article that shows that lie is an illusion that accompany the child. They often blend fantasy and reality.

Dayanna has her own "imaginary friend". When i scold her, she would blame her "imaginary friend" about the mistake. hmm.. Psychiatrist from Maryland said that.. "Very young kids don't know the difference between truth and fiction" ... Prof of Psycho said.. " Preschoolers with higher IQ scores are more likely to lie, furthermore.. lying may also be linked with good social skills in adolescents. There are some articles that i've trace to find out more on how to solve this problem! here

Hope to see the positive changes to Dayanna soon..

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