Tuesday, March 15, 2011

wang kelian vs padang besar

aloha!! Saturday's ago, i went to Perlis without planning ahead. I told my husband that i want to balik kampong. even though he is very busy, he also spend time with us.
In the morning when we left there, then we're planning travel to destinations that are waiting.

* lunch
* taman ular
* wang kelian
* Padang besar
* Rumah tok
* Rumah Mak
* Dinner @ Kopi O Kampong!!

As promised, we went to the proposed location. first, at Taman Ular. We have seen a snake defecate. have u seen it? Amazing!! hehehe.. yellow dung!!

then, we went through a hilly and winding road to get to the second location: Wang kelian. this place is well known and has been published in a televisyen programme *3 hari 2 malam, kalau tak silap la* This place, apparently did not like what i think and seen on tele. all the shops selling the same products. although many stores, about 1Km long, it cannot attract any interest in me to spend RM there.

sempat lagi main kat wang kelian...

Approximately 1 hour we walk there, we went to Padang besar. To those who do not hold the dizziness and nausea, no need to go to wang Kelian. I was almost weak, so dizzy. But when we arrived in PB, i continue to be healthy and fit.*shopping therapy*

panjang dah rasanya aku menaip ni.. sambung di lain entry la pulak..


  1. ooh dinner di KOK ! aku tanya shila ada jumpa hg tak dia kata tak jumpa. so i tot u tak jadik dtg! tapi dia jumpa pizan- not sure which day was it.

  2. hehehe... lom abis citer lagi...